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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Spanish, B.A.

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Tulsa Curriculum Requirements (53 hours)

General Curriculum (25 hours)****

  • Block I Aesthetic Inquiry and Creative Experience (6 hours)
  • Block II Historical and Social Interpretation (12 hours)
  • Block III Scientific Investigation (7 hours including one lab)


*AS 1001  is required for freshmen matriculating at TU immediately after graduating from high school.

**AS 2001  is required for sophomores.

***Language requirement may vary depending upon placement.

****No more than two courses from any one discipline may be used to fulfill General Curriculum requirements. Two courses must be taken which meet the Cultural Diversity and Gender Studies  requirement.

Some students may be required to take ENGL 1004 Introduction to College Writing  and MATH 1053 College Algebra .

Spanish Major Requirements (30 hours)

Spanish majors complete 30 hours at the 3000 and 4000 levels, with a minimum of 15 hours at the 4000 level.

Spanish majors may take LANG 4003 Methods of Teaching Languages  in place of a 3000-level elective course.


*Students who graduated from high school in a Spanish-speaking country may not enroll in SPAN 3003 .

Spanish Culture Requirement (3 hours)

One of the following:

  • or
  • or

  • Alternatively, students may fulfill the Spanish culture elective requirement by completing the equivalent of one of these courses during a study abroad experience, or by enrolling in an approved “Language Intensive” class offered outside of the School of Language and Literature  in which a significant portion of the coursework is completed in Spanish. Although students who choose the “Language Intensive” option fulfill the culture requirement, the course itself does not count toward the major.

Upper Level Spanish Electives (18 hours)

Minor (12-15 hours)

General Electives (26-29 hours)

Total: 124 hours

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