May 26, 2024  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Global Scholars Program

The Global Scholars Program prepares students to engage the most pressing questions facing the world today: How will population growth, migration, and urbanization impact the world? What changes will we see in computation, robotics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology? What will it take to support a global population of some 9.3 billion by the middle of the century? What does it mean that the world is more economically interdependent?

Global Scholars is a selective program for freshmen and sophomores from all undergraduate colleges. Scholars take three interdisciplinary block courses that explore the big questions currently affecting the world. One of the block courses is a faculty-led summer course abroad. Global Scholars also study a foreign language, spend a semester abroad, and examine global issues from the perspective of their particular major.

Students admitted to the Global Scholars Program are chosen by a committee made up of faculty from all undergraduate colleges. Students are selected based on academic credentials, letters of recommendation, and essays describing experience and/or interest in global issues. Application deadlines are in the spring of each year.