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2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

International Business and Language, B.S.I.B.L.

The Bachelor of Science in International Business and Language (B.S.I.B.L.) degree combines the business core, emphasis on international business, and language proficiency in Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish.

Learning Objectives

Educational objectives for the Bachelor of Science in International Business and Language include:

  • Developing students who have fluency in a target language (Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Russian),
  • Developing students who understand the effects of multiple national economies, political and legal systems, and regulatory bodies on firm management and performance,
  • Developing students who have cultural awareness and sensitivity in general and specific awareness of the culture in a country or countries where the student’s target language is the dominate language,
  • Presenting opportunities for language-intensive study abroad,
  • Providing students with opportunities for internationally focused, career-oriented experiences such as internships, and
  • Preparing students for opportunities in international business and graduate education in business or international relations.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in International Business and Language degree requires successful completion of 124 hours of coursework as detailed below:

Tulsa Curriculum (45 hours)

Every undergraduate must fulfill the requirements of the Tulsa curriculum, which has two parts: the core curriculum and the general curriculum.

Core Curriculum (20 hours)

Writing: ENGL 1033 Exposition and Argumentation , and ENGL 3003 Writing for the Professions 

Mathematics: MATH 1093 Mathematics with Applications , and MATH 1103 Basic Calculus , or higher-level math

Language: Students complete or show proficiency through the second year of Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish. Students who enroll in a language course above 1004 and complete the course with a grade of C or higher will receive “delayed proficiency credit” for the previous course as well. Some limits apply.

General Curriculum (Blocks) (25 hours)

Block I, Aesthetic Inquiry and Creative Experience (6 hours)

Block II, Historical and Social Interpretation (12 hours)
(ECON 2013 , ECON 2023 , and six other hours*; students who are required to take 2003 and 2013 language courses may use them as their remaining Block II courses.)

Block III, Scientific Investigation (7 hours)
(One hour of laboratory or field experience required)

Free Elective (3 hours)

Business Core (37 hours)

Business majors must earn a grade of C or higher in each of the business core courses in order to meet requirements for graduation.

Language Concentration (27 hours)**

Language concentrations include 27 hours at the 3000-4000 levels as specified by the requirements for the major in the language selected, including an on-campus business language course. An internship in a country where the language is used extensively may be taken as part of the language concentration.


A foreign study experience and/or a foreign practical business experience of at least six weeks, approved by the faculty and the TU Center for Global Education, is required.

**In most cases, completion of one additional specified language course will allow the student to earn a second degree, Bachelor of Arts, with a major in the selected language. Contact collegiate advisors for further information.