Jun 15, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Performance, Instrumental, B.M.

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Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the School of Music will:

1. Develop technical skills requisite for artistic self-expression in at least one major performance area. Students must acquire an understanding of repertory in their major performance area, the ability to read music at sight, rehearsal and conducting skills necessary to work as a leader, keyboard competency and collaborative competence and knowledge of repertory through regular and varied ensemble experiences. (Performance)

2. Develop an understanding of compositional processes, an ability to work conceptually with musical structures, and the ability to defend musical judgements. Demonstrate the ability to hear, identify and work conceptually with rhythm, melody and harmony. (Musicianship Skills, Music Theory, Ear Training and Analysis)

3. Create and present original or derivative music, including jazz-specific course offerings and ensembles that focus on harmonization. (Composition/Improvisation)

4. Acquire and demonstrate knowledge of music literature and style periods from Greek Classicism to the contemporary era, and include elements of World Music. (History and Repertory)

Tulsa Curriculum and First Year Experience (52 - 54 hours)

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music curriculum are not required to have a minor. They must complete the requirements of the Tulsa curriculum as follows:

Language (14-16 hours)***

One year of a foreign language (8 hours) and one of the following:

  • A second year of the same foreign language (6 hours)
  • One year of a second foreign language (8 hours)
  • Two additional block course electives (6 hours)

Block I Aesthetic Inquiry and Creative Experience (6 hours)

Block II Historical and Social Interpretation (12 hours)

Block III Scientific Investigation (7 hours)

  • Block III elective (3 hours)
  • Block III elective with lab (4 hours)


***Language requirement may vary depending upon placement.

No more than two courses from any one discipline may be used to fulfill General Curriculum requirements. Two courses must be taken which meet the Cultural Diversity and Gender Studies  requirement.

Some students may be required to take ENGL 1004 Introduction to College Writing  and MATH 1043 Essentials of Algebra 

Total: 124 - 126 hours

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