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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

International Business and Language, B.S.B.A.

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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, B.S.B.A. with a major in international business and language combines the business core, emphasis on international business, and language proficiency in French, German, or Spanish. There is also an American track  available for international students.

International Business and Language Program Learning Objectives

Students who complete the undergraduate program in international business and language will:

  • demonstrate proficiency in a target language (French, German, or Spanish - or in English for students in the American track);
  • evaluate the effects of multiple national economies, political and legal systems, and regulatory bodies on firm management and performance;
  • be able to apply cultural awareness and sensitivity in general and specific awareness of the culture where the student’s target language is the dominant language.

International Business and Language, B.S.B.A., Degree Requirements

Tulsa General Curriculum (19 hours)

International Business and Language Major Requirements (39 hours)

Language Concentration (27 hours)

Language concentrations include 27 hours at the 3000-4000 levels as specified by the requirements for the major in the language selected, including an on-campus business language course. An internship in a country where the language is used extensively may be taken as part of the language concentration.

Total: 120 hours

International Business and Language, B.S.B.A., Additional Requirements

IBL majors must complete ENGL 1033  , MATH 1143 , MATH 1243  (or higher level math courses), and ENGL 3003  with a grade of C or higher.

IBL majors must complete each of the Business Core courses with a grade of C or higher, except for courses designated Pass/Fail.

ECON 2013  and ECON 2023  are required courses in the Business Core which are also used to fulfill part of the Tulsa Curriculum Block II requirement. IBL majors are not required to complete additional Block II courses other than ECON 2013  and ECON 2023 .

A foreign study experience and/or a foreign practical business experience of at least six weeks, approved by the faculty and the Center for Global Engagement, is required.

The student will be able to earn a second degree, Bachelor of Arts, with a major in  French, German, or Spanish.  The student will need to complete the online form to declare the additional major.  Contact the Center for Academic Advising for more information.