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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Education, Elementary, B.A.

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Regulations of the Oklahoma Commission for Educational Quality and Accountability require a diversified program in the liberal arts and sciences for elementary education students. State law requires that candidates for certification in elementary education must complete 48 semester hours with 12 hours in four areas: 1) language arts, 2) social studies, 3) mathematics; and 4) science. The courses may not be methods courses. According to the Commission’s regulations, courses satisfying this requirement may be included in the general education program, the major, a minor, or any combination.

General Education (1 hour)

Human Cultural and Gender Diversity (6 hours)

The human cultural and gender diversity requirement may be satisfied with approved block courses, approved courses within a student’s major, and/or approved courses within a student’s minor.

Elementary Major Content Requirements (67-69 hours)

Second Language (12-14 hours)

Completion of a foreign language through Intermediate II or ASL IV is required.

Science/Block III (13 hours)

  • One course in a physical science. A course in geology is recommended. (3 hours)
  • Two additional approved courses (6 hours)
  • Lab. Lab requirement cannot be waived. (1 hour)

Social Studies/Block II (12 hours)

The Arts/Block I (6 hours)

Two courses (6 hours) chosen from art, music and theatre. Courses must be from different disciplines.

Physical Education and Health (3 hours)

Elementary Major Methods Requirements (18 hours)

Cluster I

Taken fall of junior year.  Required before Cluster III.  Courses in clusters must be taken concurrently.

Cluster II

Taken spring of sophomore or junior year. Courses in clusters must be taken concurrently.

Cluster III

Taken spring of junior year. Prerequisite: Cluster I. Courses in clusters must be taken concurrently.

Required Minor (12 hours)

At least twelve hours in a single discipline with six hours at the 3000-level or higher or the specified requirements of the minor if different.

Total: 125-127 hours