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2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Business Administration, Health Care Delivery Science Track, M.B.A.

The Health Care Delivery Science track is a 36-hour program leading the Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree. It can be completed in a two calendar-year period. However, given that the typical student is employed full-time, students may choose to attempt the courses over a longer period. Requirements include 15 hours of required HCDS courses, 15 hours of required MBA courses, and 6 hours of electives.

To successfully complete the MBA-HCDS program, students will complete a capstone project. This hands-on project provides opportunities for students to apply core knowledge to real-world problems while gaining practical experience in project design and execution. The work for the capstone project takes place in stages beginning with the first semester a student is enrolled, carrying over into subsequent semesters through completion during the final semester. Students receive coaching and mentoring from a faculty advisor each semester, and are required to present their findings to the entire MBA-HCDS cohort. Zero credit hours are awarded for capstone project courses, but a ‘pass’ grade is required for successful program completion.

Program Learning Outcomes

Refer to the Program Learning Objectives for the stand-alone Business Administration, Full Time: Partnering with Business, M.B.A.  and Health Care Delivery Science Certificate .

Admission Requirements

Online application.

  • $55 application fee.
  • Official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended.
  • Official GMAT score report or approved GMAT waiver. The GMAT requirement may be waived for applicants holding a graduate degree or who have completed an acceptable alternate exam, i.e. the GRE, the LSAT, or the MCAT. In addition, applicants with ten years of approved health care industry experience may be considered for a GMAT waiver.
  • Two professional letters of recommendation.
  • Resume.
  • Statement of purpose.

Applicants to the program should have completed at least two years of professional experience working in health care, or a health-related industry. Those candidates lacking two years of professional experience, but who have received education in a health-related field, may also be considered for admission, following an interview with the program director.

Students who have earned the Health Care Delivery Science Certificate  are eligible to apply for the MBA-HCDS program without paying the application fee. Applicants who have completed the certificate program may apply for a GMAT waiver and will be given credit toward the MBA-HCDS requirements for the certificate program courses they have completed.

Additional Application Materials Required for International Applicants

  • Acceptable TOEFL or IELTS score unless degreed from an English-speaking institution as approved by the Graduate School.
  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Confirmation of financial resources.

Foundation Course Requirements

Students accepted to the MBA-HCDS program must satisfy the following foundation course requirements:

  • BL 2013 - Legal Environment of Global Business
  • QM 2013 - Statistical Analysis
  • ECON 2013/2023 - Managerial Economics (Macroeconomics & Microeconomics)
  • MATH 1103 - Basic Calculus

Foundation course requirements may be satisfied by having previously completed an undergraduate course with a grade of B or higher, or by completing an approved alternate course.

Recommended Coursework Sequence