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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Anthropology, B.S.

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Tulsa Curriculum Requirements (43-44 hours)

General Curriculum (25 hours)

  • Block I Aesthetic Inquiry and Creative Experience (6 hours)
  • Block II Historical and Social Interpretation (12 hours)
  • Block III Scientific Investigation (7 hours including one lab)


**AS 2001  is required for sophomores.

Required Block II Elective

Anthropology Major Requirements (30 hours)

Electives (15 hours)

Students select 15 hours of anthropology electives including at least one course from the archaeology/physical anthropology area and at least one course from the cultural anthropology/linguistics area.

Senior Project

Anthropology majors take ANTH 4973  to fulfill their Tulsa Curriculum senior project requirement.

Required Minor (12 hours)

At least 12 credit hours in a related field with at least 6 hours at the 3000 level or higher. Students may choose to complete a certificate instead of a minor.

General Electives (38-39 hours)

Total: 124 hours

Teacher Certification

Students seeking secondary teacher certification in anthropology should consult their academic advisors to determine subject area courses that are appropriate and the Oklahoma State Department of Education regarding alternative certification.