Jul 02, 2022  
2017-2018 Law Bulletin 
2017-2018 Law Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Sustainable Energy and Resources Law (SERL) Certificate

Robert Butkin, Director of the SERL Certificate Program


The Sustainable Energy and Resources Law (SERL) Certificate is awarded to students who meet the requirements of a total of 14-21 hours of required and elective courses.

The requirements are threefold:

Administrative Law (2-3 hours)

SERL Block Courses (9-12 hours)

Four courses including at least one course each from Blocks A, B, and C.

Advanced Study (3-6 hours)

  • SERL Externship
  • ELJ Certificate
  • Tulsa Law Review Certificate + SERL paper
  • SERL Seminar
  • Independent SERL Study
  • Competition with SERL Topic


* Offered every other year.

With permission of the SERL advisor and the course instructor, students may take one course related to energy or natural resources offered by another College and have the hours for that course count towards the 14-21 hours of required elective courses for the SERL certificate. Such enrollment must comply with Section I.A.8 of the College of Law Policies and Regulations.