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2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin 
2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Biological Sciences, Non-Thesis, M.S.

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The non-thesis M.S. biology degree is a course work focused program. This M.S. degree program in biology is specifically designed for professionals in the Tulsa metroplex who would like a graduate degree in biology but who work full time, such as teachers and medical technicians. It is also ideal for those pursing medical or dental careers and who require course work beyond their undergraduate degree in order to obtain the skills needed to be competitive applicants to these professional schools.

Although the non-thesis M.S. is a course-work focused degree, it is not dependent on completing a set list of classes. Instead, the degree allows each student to specify a field of focus and work with advisors to choose course work within that focus to complete the degree. Options range from molecular and cellular biology to ecology, and include genetics, microbiology and physiology. The non-thesis M.S. in Biology requires 36 hours of course work with no more than 40 percent at the 6000 level.

Degree Specifications

Course Work

36 hours with no more than 40 percent at the 6000 level.

Graduate Seminar: 9 to 12 hours  
Class Work: 18 to 21 hours in area of specialization  
Research Courses: 6 hours minimum  
Total Required: 36 hours  

Capstone Seminar Presented to the Faculty

Graduation is contingent upon  a satisfactory presentation of a seminar to the department. The M.S. student will be expected to answer questions posed by the Biology Faculty related to the content of the presentation.