Mar 23, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin

Department of Anthropology, MA

For more information about degree offerings by the faculty of anthropology, visit the Department of Anthropology webpage. 


The program in anthropology prepares students for graduate or postgraduate education as well as for a variety of vocations and careers, not limited to anthropology itself. Our courses provide intensive exposure to the diversity of human cultures, past and present, as well as the intellectual tools required to understand world societies that are increasingly interconnected. The faculty is strongly committed to anthropological research and publication that advance knowledge of the human species and its history, societies, and cultures. It is also committed to integrating its research and teaching responsibilities. Finally, it values mentoring of both graduate and undergraduate students in areas of research and professional skills.

Graduate Academic Programs

The graduate faculty of anthropology offer courses leading to the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in anthropology 

Program Goals

Students will: 

  • Explore archaeological research questions that make a significant scholarly contribution. 
  • Illustrate an area of archaeological research in a way that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the literature.  
  • Examine, analyze, and interpret archaeological data, using appropriate analytic methods.  
  • Exemplify professional skills of written and spoken communication. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Master of Arts. Students who complete the master’s program in anthropology will:

  • Explore archaeological research questions that make a significant scholarly contribution.
  • Illustrate an area of archaeological research in a way that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the literature.
  • Examine, analyze, and interpret archaeological data, using appropriate analytic methods.
  • Exemplify professional skills of written and spoken communication.


Peter G. Stromberg

Briggs Buchanan
H. Thomas Foster, II
Peter G. Stromberg

Associate Professors
Miriam Belmaker
Danielle Macdonald

Assistant Professor
Alicia Odewale

Graduate Program Advisor
H. Thomas Foster, II