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2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Department of Geosciences

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The mission of the graduate program in geosciences is to 

  • Provide a modern, high quality educational experience that focuses on the knowledge and principles of geosciences, critical thinking and communication, citizenship and service, and lifelong learning in order to prepare graduate students for success in their career and beyond. 

Graduate Academic Programs

The graduate faculty of geosciences offer courses leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) degree (thesis  and non-thesis  options) in geosciences. The major areas of emphasis in the graduate program include sedimentary geology and reservoir characterization, geochemistry, geophysics, environmental geoscience, and structural geology.

Program Goals

  • Develop advanced content knowledge and technical skills in geosciences;  
  • Possess the ability to develop, recognize and test hypotheses in specific areas of earth sciences;  
  • Develop skills for effective communication of research; and  
  • Develop testable research goals and implement experimental tests.  

Program Learning Outcomes

Master of Science in Geosciences. Students who complete the M.S. degree program in geosciences will:

  • Evaluate and critique Earth system models displaying a graduate-level of understanding (evaluate in essay exams for courses and research proposal).  
  • Develop and defend a research subject and a research plan (research proposal).  
  • Execute the research plan to completion with defendable results (thesis progress report).  
  • Produce a body of written work demonstrating proficiency in analysis of Earth-system data and research design (thesis and report).  
  • Develop geosciences professional profile and skillset.  


Jingyi Chen

Associate Professors
Jingyi Chen
Junran (Jimmy) Li

Assistant Professor
Christine Ruhl

Graduate Program Advisor
Junran (Jimmy) Li