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2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Department of Sociology

Susan E. Chase

Susan E. Chase

Associate Professors
T. Jean Blocker
Lara Foley
Ronald Jepperson

Assistant Professor
Travis Lowe

For more information on degree offerings by the faculty of sociology, visit the Department of Sociology webpage.

People spend their entire lives in social groups and networks, ranging from the family to global systems. Sociologists study how these groups and networks work.  Developing the ability to analyze society is a core component of anyone’s education and personal development, and thus the sociology major provides a solid foundation for any career. Sociology majors may design a specific program of study in preparation for graduate school, professional school (law, business, medicine), and for careers in social service, government, research, consulting, teaching, or business. Sociology courses also contribute to specialized certificates in African American and international studies and the women’s and gender studies major.

The Department of Sociology offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)  or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) . The difference lies in the college’s core curriculum requirements for each degree.  Students should consult a sociology faculty adviser to select the appropriate program.

Learning Objectives

  • Critical thinking (synthesize material; assess evidence; reason logically; distinguish between fact and opinion).
  • Clear and effective writing and speaking.
  • Core ideas and findings (about culture, social change, status, norm, socialization, identity, stratification, social structure, social institutions).
  • Research methods (evaluate evidence; use quantitative and qualitative methods; understand ethical issues).
  • Professional socialization and preparation for work or further education after graduation from TU.

Entry Requirements for Major in Sociology

A student wishing to declare a major in sociology must complete the following requirements:

  • Consult with the faculty of the Department of Sociology;
  • Earn a grade of C or higher in SOC 1033 ; or earn a grade of B or higher in the equivalent course at another university; and
  • Earn grades no lower than C in ENGL 1033  and MATH 1083  at The University of Tulsa, with at least one of those grades being a B or higher; or earn grades of B or higher in writing and math courses at another university; or earn credit for these or higher courses through AP/IB credits.

Students who have not met these requirements may declare a major in sociology with the permission of the Chair of the Department of Sociology.