Mar 24, 2018  
2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Re-specialization in I-O Psychology Certificate

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The Psychology Department offers a respecialization in industrial and organizational psychology. This program affords Ph.D. level psychologists who have previously demonstrated an ability to perform doctoral level work (i.e., have completed a doctoral dissertation) the opportunity to acquire training in industrial-organizational psychology. This program is designed to be completed in one to two years and involves completion of 24 credit hours of course work, fieldwork experience, and/or applied research, as well as successful completion of a comprehensive exam in I-O psychology. Upon completion of all requirements of the program, a Certificate of Re-specialization in Industrial-Organizational Psychology is awarded.


Minimum requirements for admission include:

  • a graduate degree in psychology from an accredited institution,
  • an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or better (on a 4-point scale),
  • satisfactory letters of recommendation, and
  • satisfactory test scores on the verbal and quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Examination.

Certificate Curriculum

The certificate in I-O psychology requires nine credit hours of core courses and 15 hours of electives. A total of 24 credit hours are required for successful completion of the program. Students must also successfully complete a comprehensive exam consisting of written, quantitative, and oral components, covering all major areas of I-O psychology.

The number of credits hours allotted a course is indicated by the last digit of the course number.

I-O Psychology Electives (15 hours)

I-O electives include approved business electives, I-O seminars, fieldwork credits, or other graduate level psychology courses. These courses are designated by the I-O program director.

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