May 24, 2019  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

Arts and Sciences and Law Accelerated Program

Through a collaborative program with the College of Law, selected students can complete their undergraduate degree and a J.D. in six years. Upon completion of all degree requirements for the bachelors’ degree, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), or Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree will be awarded. For students in the accelerated degree program, this generally occurs at the end of the second semester in law school.

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply for admission to the accelerated law program in the last fall semester before starting law school at The University of Tulsa.

Students selected for the program need not complete either a disciplinal minor or a senior project course.

The accelerated law program is open to all students from all College majors. Admission to the program is highly selective. Students with AP or IB transfer credit hours will more easily satisfy program requirements. Summer coursework may also be necessary for students in certain majors to complete Arts and Sciences college requirements in three years.

Descriptions of LAW courses may be found in the Law Bulletin.

Application Process

Applicants to this program must apply a year in advance of when they hope to begin law school (if admitted).   In other words, applicants should complete the application steps during the fall semester of their third or junior year in undergraduate school.  Students who have AP, IB or transfer credits allowing them to reach junior year standing in less than three years could potentially apply in the fall of their sophomore year as long as all undergraduate coursework requirements are met prior to beginning law school J.D. coursework.

For more information contact April Fox, Associate Dean and Director of Admissions, TU College of Law, at, or Teresa Reed, Associate Dean, Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences, at                             

Arts and Sciences Major Courses (12 hours)

  • 12 hours upper-level humanities, social sciences, or fine arts electives

Required Law Courses (31 hours)

  • LAW 5013 Civil Procedure I
  • LAW 5023 Civil Procedure II
  • LAW 5034 Contracts
  • LAW 5064 Criminal Law and Administration
  • LAW 5101 Dean’s Seminar on the Legal Profession
  • LAW 5114 Property
  • LAW 5154 Torts
  • LAW 5703 Constitutional Law I
  • LAW 6253 Legal Writing I
  • LAW 6262 Legal Writing II